Global Reconciliation is an ambitious and innovative Australian-initiated partnership of people and organisations around the world seeking to research and promote “reconciliation” – that is, creative communication and dialogue across national, cultural, religious and racial differences.

The core idea underlying our work is that everyday practices can be used to foster reconciliation; our focus is community-based and local. We have eight major areas of interest: health care and medicine, the arts and culture, learning and education, livelihood and money, spirituality and celebration, sport and recreation, place and environment, and justice and ethics. Working within these themes, Global Reconciliation draws together the vast resources of communities around the world to establish specific, outcome focused collaborative projects with the aim of enhancing learning and understanding in all the countries involved.

We accept that communication is always evolving and developing and that as a result, reconciliation will never be seen as a final state or outcome: rather, it is an ongoing process that can serve many different purposes: it can contribute to consolidating peace, breaking a cycle of violence, restoring justice at the personal and social levels, bringing about personal healing and reparation for past injustices or building positive relationships between individuals and communities.